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  Above Ground Fuel Storage



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Nationwide interest in the preservation of our environment has prompted all levels of government to issue strict guidelines for the installation, operation and removal of underground storage tanks (UST's). As a result, owners may be faced with expensive upgrades, testing, monitoring equipment and pollution liability insurance to comply with these regulations. In the event of a leak, the actual costs for soil and groundwater clean-up can be catastrophic.

Convault's innovative vaulted aboveground storage tanks (AST's) are a proven solution for these problems. The Convault patented system is designed for safety and value while complying with environmental and fire code regulations.

Meets Government, Environmental and Fire Safety Regulations

Convault AST's meet applicable safety requirements for secondary containment, leak monitoring, overspill containment and overfill protection.

Convault AST's have already been approved by fire officials in most jurisdictions. Over 12,000 Convault AST Systems have been installed nationwide within the last nine years, and are currently in use in all regions of the country.

Each Convault AST is pressure-tested and meets NFPA 30 and 30A fire safety standards, and is fitted for grounding per NFPA 78.

Convault AST's have been certified by the California Air Resources Board for Balanced Phase 2 Vapor Recovery.

Primary steel tanks (including overfill containers) meet UL Standards 142 & 2085, bear UL labels. The special enclosure has been successfully exposed to 2-hour liquid pool fire test by Underwriters' Laboratories of US/Canada (results available upon request)

Designed for Value

Engineered for Safety

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