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United Concrete, founded in 1954, specializes in precast concrete products. Located in Yalesville, CT. This family run business offers a diversified line of municipal and state approved products. The 73,000 sq. foot facility enables United Concrete to service commercial and residential customers, as well as manufacture custom products.





Their in-house steel fabrication shop, Beauchemin Steel, enables them to take a new product from concept to production and reduce the development time.
United Concrete, products include, septic tanks, leaching galleys, manholes, utility products, yard drains, oil water separators, and pump stations, to name only few.




In addition, the company produces a complete line of licensed products, including Transportable Buildings, "Evergreen" retaining wall system, "Convault" above ground storage tanks and cable concrete, the articulating erosion control system.

Weather your needs are big or small, custom or stock, let the expertise and know how of United Concrete work for you.




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