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Reinforced Concrete Pipe

United Pipe Plant

Benefits to the owner

- RCP is the strongest pipe available
- Gets stronger over time
- Has over 100 years life expectancy
- Requires little or no maintenance
- Is non flammable
- Suitable for LEED and sustainability design
- Offers the best long term value

Benefits to the contractor

- RCP has minimum reliance on installation for load support
- Relies on 85% of pipe strength and only 15% on soil cover for structural integrity
- Can be designed and plant tested to meet any load requirements
- RCP joints are easily assembled

For more information, please call 1-800-234-3119
Ext.133 Chris Borkowski or Ext.143 James DeBarge

E-mail: info@unitedconcrete.com

Download RCP Drawings
  Precast Concrete Median Barriers

End Walls


In 2005, United Concrete Products, supplied 5,800 lf of precast concrete permanent median barriers for CT-DOT#58-298 I-95 Project in Groton, CT

For more information, please call 1-800-234-3119

E-mail: info@unitedconcrete.com


Precast Bollards

bollards bollard colors Precast Bollards available with or without base in highly visible bright colors. 7' long, impact resistant and easy to install with no yearly maintenance.

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