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  Retaining Wall Systems


retaining wall


retaining walls





The EVERGREEN wall is composed of prefabricated element stacked on top each other. The crip wall container thus formed is filled with earth and planted. Combinations of elements of different dimensions permit foundation of resets and niches in the wall. The shape of the front profile optimizes growth opportunity for the plants which assures complete integration of the structure into its environment. Planted EVERGREEN walls are attractive green slopes in summer, with vegetation hiding the concrete and reducing noice levels. The resets and niches give accumulated winter snows interesting three dimensional structures. With EVERGREEN, the problem of graffiti is virtually eliminated and use of evergreen plants will keep the wall green year round.


EVERGREEN - simple to install. One machine can do all the work; excavation, erection, fill and backfill. The speed of execution permits opening steep cuts temporarily. A hydraulic excavator can place elements (representing 40 square feet of wall surface) quickly and efficiently.

Characteristics of Completed Wall

Structural & Mechanical Qualities: The EVERGREEN wall is a gravity wall consisting of precast concrete crib like elements and earth fill.

Acoustical Qualities: The EVERGREEN wall has many pockets, resets, recesses and plantings to absorb noise and reduce noice reflections.

Long Term Stability & Safety: The quality of prefabricated concrete elements withstand weathering conditions and assures safety of the structure for long term use.

Variety of Applications: Retaining walls, rock revetments, slope stabilizers and noise abating walls. This unique planted wall makes it especially suitable for areas subject to graffiti. Ideal for parks, gardens, residential and commercial districts, and along highways and railroads.

General Specifications

Materials:Elements are made of reinforced concrete according to state specifications.

Fabrication & Erection: The concrete elements are prefabricated in a factory under controlled conditions. The erection of the walls consists of simple stacking of elements beside and on top of one another.

Evergreen Brochure


Evergreen GEO Brochure
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