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Precast Concrete Restroom Buildings

Unicon restroom buildings and concession stand buildings are manufactured by United Concrete Products Inc. in Yalesville, Connecticut and delivered to New England and Northeast.

These buildings offer the best long-range solution for parks and recreation departments, because they offer the permanence and durability of precast concrete, while retaining the flexibility for future relocation to accomodate any site changes that might arise.

restroom buildings

Unicon Precast Concrete Restroom Buildings

DESIGN: International Building Code (2000 Edition)

CONSTRUCTION: 5000 psi steel-reinforced precast concrete. 4" walls, 6" floor and 4 1/2 " roof.

DOORS: 18 gauge galvanized steel doors, 16 gauge galvanized steel frames, stainless steel hinges, ADA lockset, indicator dead-bolt lock, door closer, threshold.

Every building is manufactured according to meet customers' specific needs. Buildings are designed to meet A.D.A. requirements and building codes.

Unicon prefabricated restrooms offer a variety of options in terms of design, fixtures and finishes. Stainless steel fixtures are preferred by the customers seeking maximum vandal-resistance.

Concession buildings and storage buildings are also available to combine with restroom buildings offering a multi-use building solution.

Please call 1-800-234-3119 Jon Duffy
email: JDuffy@unitedconcrete.com



restroom buildings

Standard and Custom Designs Available!

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