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Transportable Precast Concrete Buildings

United Concrete manufactures pre-engineered buildings in Connecticut serving New England and Northeast.

The original and industry leader in transportable precast concrete buildings advances its building system to provide even greater weather-tightness and impact resistance.

Pre-engineered building provides durability, flexibility, convenience and cost-effectiveness for long lasting security.


Impact Resistant: Upgraded design increases average compressive strengths.

Weather-Tight: Special roof and floor design provides superior water-tight construction. Interior and exterior panel joints are caulked with polyurethane concrete sealant.

Maintenance Free: Will not rust, warp, corrode, rot, or burn and retains finish without maintenance.

Heavy Duty Construction: Galvanized insulated doors,deluxe door hardware and extruded aluminum threshold with integral seal are a few of the quality features.


Vandal Resistant: Steel reinforced precast concrete construction, tamper-proof hinges, dead-bolt locks, and steel doors.

Bullet Resistant: UL752-Level 4 bullet resistance.

Fire Resistant: Standard fire rating of 1.5 hours. Additional protection available.

Earthquake Resistant: Seismic Zone 4 rating.

Hurricane Resistant: Withstands up to 130 m.p.h. wind loads (150 mph available).


Unsurpassed Range Of Sizes:
Standard Sizes: 10' x 12', 12' x 16', 12' x 20' and 12' x 26'outside dimensions. Custom designs and sizes available.

Exterior Finish Choices: A variety of finishes for compatability with any surroundings or adjacent building.

Unlimited Optional Features: Precast concrete buildings can be shipped equipped for all applications.


Saves Time & Gets Your Site Operational Fast: Quick installation and simple site preparation. With built-in floor, no footings or foundations are necessary unless required by local codes.

Decreases Maintenance Expenses: Durability and vandal resistant features.

Maintenance Free: Will not rust, warp, corrode, rot, or burn and retains finish without maintenance.

Saves Money: Costs much less and eliminates many inherent costs of comparable built in place construction.

Relocatable: Can be moved when needs change.

Weathertight Features

Turn-Down Roof
Prefabricated turn down roof caps with walls with an architectural ribbed edge. This design protects the roof from direct exposure to driving rain and provides a drip edge which prevents moisture penetration,ensuring a watertight interior.

Above Door Rain Guard
Drip edge protection increases water tightness.

Galvanized Door & Frame
Specially reinforced for high quality mechanical door closures.

Monolithic Floor
There is no joint between walls and floor for watertight integrity.

Raised Aluminum Threshold
Extruded aluminum threshold with integral neoprene seal provides unsurpassed moisture, dust, and pest resistance.

Multiple Uses:

Communications Operations
· Fiber optics regenerator huts,
· Switching stations,
· Microwave transmission shelters,
· Cellular phone, PCS sites, telecommunication shelters,
· Cable television repeater stations.

Government, School and Municipal Applications
· Weather and pollution monitoring stations,
· Military storage,
· Equipment housing and electronic operations,
· Hazardous and flammable materials storage with spill containment,
· Park vending enclosures,
· Restrooms,
· Ticket kiosks,
· Traffic control systems,
· School maintenance and athletic equipment storage,
· Airport lighting control and transmitter housing,
· Law enforcement evidence or ammunition storage.

Utilities Installations
· Electrical switching stations,
· Transformer housing,
· Gas control shelters,
· Valve enclosures,
· Water and waste water treatment facilities,
· Pumping stations,
· Reduced pressure zone and water meter enclosures,
· Storage of contaminated substances.

Commercial and Industrial Locations
· Electro-mechanical housing,
· Maintenance equipment storage,
· Electrical controls,
· Golf course vending enclosures and restrooms,
· Hazardous and flammable materials storage with spill containment,
· Emergency generator shelters,
· Gate houses,
· Food or bottle storage,
· Zoo animal shelters,
· Irrigation system housing.


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Telecommunication Shelters


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